To learn more about my personal experience of death and

    dying, read Death and Dying - A Personal Adventure 

    in Friends Journal, August 2017.

Creating happiness amid bereavement is a high calling; one that speaks to me as an End of Life Doula and Life-Cycle Celebrant. The passing of a loved one is difficult time in our life's dance. Sudden loss can be almost unbearable in its surprise; the death of an elder after a long life gives us time to say our good byes.   

Having accompanied friends and family members in their end-of-life journeys by serving as an advocate and friendly council, I was inspired to train and become certified as a "Sacred Passage Doula" through the Concious Dying Institute.  I've learned a lot about this rite of passage through personal experience and study. This life experience ensures clients have a caring and compassionate partner as they navigate their end of life journey and plan Celebrations of Life, consider home funerals and address the many physical, emotional, spiritual concerns that arise during this time.

I look forward to helping you during this time.

Credentials and Affiliations

SACRED PASSAGE END OF LIFE DOULA - Conscious Dying Institute
LIFE-CYCLE CELEBRANT - Celebrant Foundation and Institute
OKANAGAN VALLEY DEATH CAFES - Organizer and Facilitator
REVEREND- Canadian International Metaphysical Ministries

​Thank you for officiating the service. I was very impressed. I thought you did a fabulous job and the family mentioned more than once how pleased they were with how you handled things. I absolutely will call on you in the future.

                                 Jeff Everden, Everden Rust Funeral Services​

Working with End of Life Doula Alison Moore has an has been enlightening and comforting and has enabled me, through the process, to articulate what a good death can be and how my friends and family can help me though this journey. Alison is a compassionate, caring and thoughtful guide. 


​​​​​Credit: Rebekah West Photography and Creative International

I  just want to take a moment to thank you again so very much.  I had many many people ask if you were a relative or family member.  And extremely shocked that you were not! Asking where did you find her. You made it a very special day and I will be forever grateful. 
                                                                                                                                                                     Gina Hammerschmidt

As your Celebration of Life Officiant, I will:

  • meet with you to learn about your loved one through your stories.
  • provide insight into traditional and modern rituals and symbols that you may wish to include in the Celebration of Life.
  • craft a ceremony with you that will bring your loved one to life for all those in attendance.
  • officiate your ceremony with sensitivity and grace!

As your Sacred Passage End of Life Doula, I will: 

  • create a comfortable healing environment.
  • honour your feelings and spiritual beliefs.
  • listen to your concerns and support you.
  • communicate your wishes to caregivers.
  • assist you to articulate your life's legacy.
  • serve as your personal guide as you navigate the end of life experience.

​​​​​Celebrate Life's Dance 

Celebrant Alison Moore

​​Celebrations of Life & End of Life 

My sisters and I were so happy to have you perform our mother's Celebration of Life ceremony. You delivered the eulogy with grace and feeling. Your gentle, caring manner was a lovely addition to a day that wasn't easy for us. We appreciate all the time you spent beforehand planning the service with us so that it would be just right, and it was. Our guests commented on the loving atmosphere in the room where we all gathered - and of course you were a big part of that. Thank you so much.
Luci Skaken